Zino Platinum Scepter XS

Cold Weather is comming up and smaller smokes will be smoked more and more for those unfortunate enough to be able to smoke indoors at all times. So, I am going to focus on a few smaller smokes on my next few reviews. This week, I am going to try the Zino Platinum Sceptor XS. I got this cigar from a Zino Black Carpet Event held at The Cigar Shop (Biloxi, MS) last week had one, liked it and decided to give it another shot and a review.

Zino Platinum Sceptor XS
Size: 4×30 Demme-Tasse
Wrapper: Connecticut-seed Ecuadorian
Binder: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Dominican & Peru
Smoke Time: About 19 minutes

First Look: A light brown Connecticut wrapper with a few small veins covers this small cigar thats slightly larger and longer than a cigarette. Its not an ugly wrapper, but possibly not a first grade wrapper leaf. The foot aroma reminds me of sweet cinnamon, with a slight hint of nuts. The prelight draw is tight and holds back any flavors.

First Half: First draw, a sweet nuttiness jumps out at me and is very pleasant. A very slight tanginess starts off a slight bit, but quickly gets kicked out by a butter smooth nuttiness. Right off the bat, I am liking this smoke. I think the tanigness was due to the fast draws I was doing. A fast paced smoker would have to learn to slow down on this cigar due to the smaller ring gauge. For the size, the cigar puts off a decent amount of smoke that has a nice room note to it. The burn is clean and the ash is white and grey. I like the sweetness flavor of the XS. Its not an ACID Infused sweetness, so do think these are infused. The retrohale reveals a less sweet and more nutty flavor. Each ash lasts for about a little over a quarter inch, so watch your lap!

Second Half: Same flavors as the first half of the cigar as still there. The sweet nutty flavors with less sweet retrohale. I still can’t put my finger on the exact nut yet. As I progress into the last half I am tasting a slight undertone of a salty flavor thats an interesting change. Being such a small cigar, you don’t expect it to be overly complex, but it has its own slight complexidity. The nut flavor is reminding me of a roasted peanut flavor. Not a bold peanut flavor though. I started smoking it a little fast towards the end and it got a little harsh on me. The sweetness fades out fast at the end and the nuttiness get muted out.

Final Thoughts: For $2, this is an awesome short smoke that delivers a sweet nutty flavors with undertones of salt. Would e a good smoke for the day you wake up a little early for worka and want a smoke but don’t have alot of time. Or, possibly a lunch break cigar after a cheese burger and fries. This would also be a great cold weather smoke. Deffinately smoke it slow, to avoid any harshness. Overall a good short smoke that doesn’t cost a whole lot.



Its football season and we at Nicetightash are giving away a General Cigars Blogger Pack and a Macanudo Millionares sampler pack.
Here is how you can win:
Im am picking two football games; one NFL and one College.
In Memory of the late Al Davis, I am choosing his team’s game. Oakland Raiders vs Cleveland Browns. (Sun 10-16-11 at 4:05)

For the college game, I’m going to go with the Auburn vs. Florida game.

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OAK 21 – CLE 17
AUB 34 – FLA 23

oakland 28 cleveland 17
auburn 39 florida 34

haven’t tried the Zino, but with a Wisconsin winter coming soon, there will be precious little time that i can stand outside with a cigar, it sounds like a good idea.

Here are my predictions ~
Oakland 24-Cleveland 14
Auburn 17-Florida 20
Many thanks, Cindi

Oakland 20 Cleveland 10

Auburn 31 Florida 17

Thanks for the contest

I think:
Raiders 24 Browns 17
Auburn 21 Florida 24

Oakland 21 Cleveland 14 Auburn 28 Florida 17

Oakland 28 Cleveland 19

Auburn 20 Florida 30

Thanks for the contest.

oakland 15 cleveland 14, auburn 38 florida 14, thanks for the chance to win some smokes

I’ll go with.

Raiders 31 Browns 20

Auburn 30 Florida 20

Oakland 28 Cleveland 21

Auburn 21 Florida 28

Raiders 38 Browns 20
Auburn 37 Florida 30

OakLand 24 VS Clev 17

FLA 6 VS Auburn 17

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