Fuente Opus X Robusto

First off…Happy Birthday Ben! Have a great day and some great smokes.

Today I have my first Opus X. Unlike other reviews where I would have multiple sticks prior to a review, this time you are witnessing my first experience with the infamous Opus X so take this video for what it is…one cigar, one experience. That being said I expect a cigar of this stature to be what it is supposed to be every time you smoke it. Let see if this Opus lives up to it’s reputation.

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Great review, thanks! I will say that while these are good cigars, I’m not convinced they’re worth the price.

Great review :) Always great to see a reviewer thoroughly enjoying the smoke he is reviewing!

I had the Perfection #4 and it about killed me :p I might have to try a bigger ring gauge to see if I like them better.

I also had the sweetness/fruitiness in mine, but I could not put a name on it.


Nice review, and happy belated B-Day :)

I found it interesting to watch a BOTL bust his Opus cherry on camera (and an aged one at that…you’ve got some nice friends!). Your description of the cigar aligned perfectly with what I’ve come to expect of this stick: a blast of pepper & spice up front, a woody baseline, and varying degrees of spice & fruity sweetness throughout, with a full body.

What made it a great review is that you didn’t buy into the hype. Anyone who enjoys Opus X was probably grinning at that point, knowing full well the fireworks display of flavor you were about to experience. It reminds me of my first Opus.

Even if I could afford to smoke these every day, I doubt I would. Some things are saved for the special or rare occasion, lest they become mundane; this cigar is definitely one of them.

Best part: “Normally the burn would piss me right off, but I don’t give 2 shits”…LOL!

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Hey Brian..
First off let me say that I loved your choice of intro music..Way Cool….
Secondly..I really enjoyed your review of the Opus X..It was great to see your honest first impressions of this legendary line of cigars..I’ve had really great Opus X’s..and really bad ones as well..I think age makes a huge differnce on the Opus..though I do know some people enjoy them more when they are young..
Keep up the good work Brain..
Rob (rgianelli)

I agree with Rob awesome Intro music! Now the cigar I would like to know where you were able to get an Opus X for $11? If this in fact is the price for it then it is a good cigar for the money otherwise way overpriced, you can get many fine Cuban cigars for much less $$$$$. Happy Birthday to both you and your partner in crime. This was a good honest review for only having a single cigar to judge. I will also say that this is a great choice for your Bday cigar! I would also think that for the burn to be uneven and to have to relight your smoke on this greatest of all Fuente’s is hard to swallow.


Agree that most places are have these smokes overpriced due to the scarcity of them. As I said in the video, I wouldn’t pay $30 for these which is what they go for in most places but the MSRP is $11 and I have seen a few places online that sell them at that price. Now, seeing them for that price and in stock is a different matter.

As far as the relights, yes it is a bit unsettling for a stick of this caliber and it is something that usually pisses me off with most other sticks, but this was just so good, I wasn’t going to let it hinder the experience.

Just watched the review on the FFOpusXRobusto. As a big fan of this cigar &the FF ForbiddenX I have loved this line from the Fuentessince it’s inception, &have a very large collection of most of thesizes available.this Robusto even surpasses most of my authentic Cuban Cigars. Carlito went against the whole industry believing that a Rosado wrapper could be grown in the Dominican, hence we are lucky to be able to enjoy such complex flavors &the different nuances that are present in all the different sizes. As a big maduro fan, being my favorite stick is the Hemmingway Signature Maduro. I have had the pleasure of smoking only one Maduro FF OpusX & I wish that they were as available to me like all the rest of the Fuentes upper line including the DonCarlos 30th ann. in Maduro. Excellent review for the Robusto, I think everyone who is an experienced smoker should try what the rest of us to know came true. Thanx to the Fuentes & long ashes to everyone. Bobbyg

Love the Opus X. I’ve had a couple of them so far. They’re actually in stock at my local tobacconist, and I picked one up today. They also have some special 3-stick tins that have a painting of Carlos and Carlito on the front.

I have to say that it’s one of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked, and I’m lucky that my tobacconist doesn’t gouge people on the price. The one I bought today was $11.49. They’re just about out of the single sticks, so I’m considering getting one of the tins. They’re actually slightly higher because of the packaging, but still come out to about $13/stick.

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