Lotus 20

The Lotus 20 lighter features a wind resistant triple flame, 8mm cigar punch, fuel window and electronic quartz ignition. I’ve used this lighter for about a month in an attempt to get a good idea of how well the lighter performs. With well over 100 cigars lit and numerous refills it’s time to let you know what how the Lotus 20 stacks up.

At the time of this review the Lotus 20 is on special at BuyLighters.com.

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Nice review on this lighter. I saw this online and have been debating on it, but now I think I’ll pick it up.

nice review!

Fuel windows is a MUST in my book for a pocket lighter! I cant believe how many dont have it. I do not care for the built in punches unless they actually extend from the lighter, not the fold out type like this has.

I bled a lighter out once, had tons of lighting problems with that refill, never bled them since and have had no problems..go figure..lol


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