Lucious Lyon Robusto

Inspired by the hit Fox TV Show “Empire” comes the Lucious Lyon cigar from Meier & Dutch. Along with the cigar, is a line of accessories is being launched; crystal ashtray, 75ct humidor, cutter, and a lighter designs by Xikar. Meier & Dutch is a b&m distribution part of Cigars International which is owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. The cigar has a limited production and is available in three sizes:

No. 1  (5.5 x 50) Robusto  MSRP $12.50

No. 2 (6 x 54) Torpedo  MSRP $14.40

No. 3 (6 x 52) Toro MSRP $13.80


Lucious Lyon 1


Size: 5.5×50

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: San Andres

Filler: Mexican and Dominican

Country: Honduras at the HATSA factory

Price: $10.50 (via 5pk here)


Lucious Lyon 2

First Looks

The Lucious Lyon has one of the largest bands I’ve seen in quite a while. It covers approximately 1/3 of the cigar. The black background is offset by the contrasting gold Lion and lettering. I’m not too sure what’s going on below the lion’s head. The artwork under is kind of insignificant if you ask me. It may have something to do with the TV show, but I’m not too sure as I haven’t seen too many of the episodes. Never the less, the wrapper has a few small veins and the thick wrapper leaf leaves some prominent seam lines. Atop the cigar is a double cap that gives plenty of room to make whatever type of cut you would like; shallow or a deep cut. The foot has an aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, hay/straw and slight appearance of a cocoa note. A straight cut reveals a darn near perfect draw; not too loose nor tight. The prelight draw has some of the straw/hay and a slight spice note of the foot aroma.


Lucious Lyon 3



The draw stayed consistently just about perfect for me. There was just enough resistance to please my needs. Such a good draw let off a good amount of drawn and ambient smoke. The room note was pretty faint and spicy, but nothing too harsh to ward off any non-smoker friends. The ashes lasted easily over an inch plus with hues of a dirty white and gray mix with a few minor flakes. The burn was pretty much spot on and never needed any touchups or relights. One thing I have came across a cigar with a large band, there is either just right amount of glue or way too much. Too much glue doesn’t sound like an issue, but if it leaks out onto the wrapper it could tear the wrapper when removing the band. That is not the case with this cigar. There was just enough glue on the band to keep it in place but not enough to adhere itself to the cigar. Overall the construction had no major issues to be concerned with.


Lucious Lyon 4



Lightly toasting the foot, I get into the Lucious Lyon and the few draws have a nice amount of a somewhat smooth spice with a semi-sweet fruity undertone that’s quite interesting. The fruity tone eases out quickly and is replaced with a coffee-like flavor that helps ease off the spice amount. Once into the cigar some, the straw note adds itself to the spice note but is not overly spicy as there is a bit of creaminess arising into the flavors. Ending the first third, a bit of a “twang” comes up and adds a bitterness to the coffee note.

Getting into the middle third, the “twang” is still with the coffee as well as the straw notes. The sweetness is way lesser than before and the spiciness takes a step or two down in strength as well. The finish is not real long, but does have a nice creaminess with it. Towards the middle of the cigar, the coffee flavor steps up some in strength, but the twang eases back some. The middle part of the cigar is probably the best part to me so far. The coffee, spice, sweetness and straw notes all align well in good harmony. Not one note overpowers another and the finish is almost as good as the drawn smoke. Ending the middle third, a slight hint of a sweetened cocoa shows through in the flavors and only adds to the presently good flavors.

The sweetened cocoa flavor doesn’t last too long into the final third of the cigar. It is replaced with a black pepper flavor that’s a little on the stronger side and eases the coffee and straw flavors a bit. The black pepper has a bit of a “bite” to it and adds some to the twang that previously eased off some. The coffee note now is richer than before and it and the black pepper go back and forth for the key flavor. The straw flavor has eased off now more than ever before leaving the black pepper and coffee to fight for the top flavor. Ending the cigar, the sweetened cocoa abruptly comes from the ashes and the flavors are not playing well with each other. Luckily its at the end of the cigar as the flavors are getting a bit muddled and too mixed up.


Lucious Lyon 5


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this cigar and have no regrets with it. The coffee and straw flavors worked hand and hand. They each had a few accompanying notes that helped the host flavor along the way. The construction was spot on and no issues that I had to deal with. The body was a lighter medium strength and the flavor strength was a bit more. This was a pretty tasty smoke in which I liked. It would be a nice midmorning smoke accompanied with a medium roast coffee. I also wouldn’t mind having this cigar with a lighter bourbon with a low Rye content in the evening. The only thing I didn’t care too much for was the black pepper that arose in the later part of the cigar and threw a monkey wrench into the mix. I think if I had paired this cigar with a cup of coffee, it wouldn’t have been so potent and the ending of the cigar would have been a bit more pleasant.

Is this cigar worth trying? Yes, if you like some of the core line Davidoff cigars or ones with similar flavors but want a bit more flavors (and less cost) I’d say to give these a try. There is a nice complexity in the smoke, but nothing overpowering or too overwhelming of a change to throw off your tastes.



A Super Premium Cigar, Lucious Lyon Available Now
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (October 6, 2016) – In keeping with its strong tradition of innovative cigar goods and merchandise, Meier & Dutch is pleased to announce a limited edition line of luxury cigars and cigar accessories, inspired by the hit FOX television program, EMPIRE, with a strong focus on the show’s charismatic lead, Lucious Lyon.
Fans of the award-winning series will instantly find appeal in these lavish offerings, as each piece has been designed with the utmost attention to detail, drawing from the shows iconic imagery and stylish, eye-catching elegance. Each of the high-end cigars are hand-crafted utilizing premium, aged long-leaf tobaccos and pristine wrappers. Presented in glass tubes, and nestled within dress boxes of 10, no expense was spared in creating the cigar worthy of the Lucious Lyon name. Yet as impressive as the cigar is, it does not stand alone. Joining forces with this handmade is a full lineup of premium accessories, including a crystal ashtray, stunning high-gloss humidor, razor-sharp cutter, and a lighter designed by Xikar, a company with a renowned reputation for making the highest quality accessories in the cigar industry.  The new wave of high-end cigars and accoutrements has landed. Contact Meier & Dutch Wholesale Distributors for further details (
accessory-group-2-medium open-box-medium
“The characters of EMPIRE personify a lifestyle associated with success, luxury and an insatiable appetite for only the finest things.  Creating a compelling, limited edition offering of premium products around Lucious Lyon came naturally and the project literally took on a life of its own from day one”, explains Steve McDevitt, Director of Sales for Meier & Dutch.
Lucious Lyon cigars are handmade in Honduras and available in three sizes.
About Meier & Dutch
Meier & Dutch is the US industry leader in premium cigars and is owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the world largest producer and purveyor of cigars and pipe tobacco.  Meier & Dutch services thousands of brick and mortar tobacconists nationwide offering over 20,000 products including the world’s most popular brands as well as a collection of exclusive, innovative, boutique brands.

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