Room 101 “305”

Today I’ve decided to review a cigar that I actually named as one of my most disappointing cigars of 2009. This cigar had a lot of buzz leading up the the 2009 IPCPR show, and actually got some good reviews following the show. However, when I first sampled the cigar I was less than impressed. But since then I’ve smoked some more and now I feel like I can share my real opinions

Name: Room 101
Company: Room 101
Wrapper: Semilla 101 (Honduras)
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican Republic & Honduras
Price: $7.60
Comes in: Box of 25
Vitola: “305” Robusto(5 x 50)

I’ve decided against putting together a full written review for this cigar, mainly because I really wanted the video to do the talking. But for those of you that don’t have a chance to sit through the whole video, I wish you did, let me just say that I’m completely unimpressed with this cigar. With the exception of draw issues, these cigars get a thumbs up in the construction department. Unfortunately the construction can’t make up for he fact that the cigar is boring from beginning to end.

Then again, I am only one guy, so I’d love to hear your opinion.

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LMAO, First thanks for all the reviews you do, this video had me about falling about of my work chair laughing so hard. I have been wondering if this cigar was an image type cigar or a great cigar. I still want to try it, but def will have a back up cigar there incase this cigar blows… Thanks again


I was actually looking around for these and couldn’t find them. I really wanted to try them and now I think I will cool off on the search. If I come across one I will pick it up to try it but looks like I will stop being annoyed about not being able to find them.

Thanks for the review. I did have a very different experience with the one of these I smoked. Instead of hay, for me it had a much darker earth/mocha profile. Also, it was very smooth, which may not appeal to some experienced smokers. I enjoyed it and would smoke it again. The marketing is silly, but I think it’s a good (not great) smoke.

UGH – make me watch a damn video? I just can’t believe you! Introductions left 8billion things out. I just don’t know if I can continue on. Bitter grass? BITTER GRASS? that’s it, I have to say, this is the worst review I have ever seen. I feel dirty and need to take another shower now. Didnt smoke it to the nub, no toothpick…oh my! Oh and the band IS the cigar dammit! If the band looks awful, why the hell would you smoke the cigar? *sigh* I may have to organize a lynch mob.

ROFLMAO – do you feel better getting a nasty review now ? :)

Real take…

Very nice review. Not everyone can enjoy every cigar or the cigar world would really be boring. I do not care too much for the robusto size either, but the toro and the big 808 are nice sticks. I also agree it is more about the “look” than the actual cigar. I am disappointed in it at the price point they sell them at. If this cigar would be priced around the La Traviata range, I think it would do much better.

My comparison for this stick would be the Sopranos by CAO. It is an overpriced cigar that has consistent flavors throughout that does not do anything to make the price point more attractive. I love the Tony Soprano, just like the 808, but they are not cigars that will flavor bomb you and give you changes constantly. I take them for what they are, overpriced generic sticks, then buy them when I find a good sale or deal :)


Is always good to see an honest and unbiased review. I agree with Mike that the enjoyment of a cigar varies from person to person, but I agree that creating this kind of hype for a product is sometimes a way to “hide” the fact that it’s just a mediocre product at best. I tried the robusto twice and that was enough for me to stay away from them, plus to high a price for a so-so cigar at best. Again, taste varies from person to person, but these are not my cup of tea.

I too was totally unimpressed by this cigar. It is just too boring for my tastes. How it garnered soo much attention is beyond comprehension. Are we all really that simple that a dude with tats and a cool looking cigar label and fool us into buying his garbage? Ugh…better not to think about that one too much.

I can tell you this….the one I got from IPCPR tasted different than the released cigars. Still, I like them. LOL

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