“Smoked Up” No.83

I not only enjoy cigars, from time to time I enjoy a pipe as well. I have been dabbling with the enjoyment of a pipe for a few years now. Recently on Aristocob’s YouTube page, I found out that CVS Drugstore had all of their tobacco products on clearance. Most were at 75% off already as they will be tobacco free by October. I heard they were getting out of the tobacco business and was looking forward to grabbing up any pipes they had there when the clearance started. I did such thing, but looked like I was beat out by others. I did walk out with a Missouri Meerschaum pipe for $1.82! I’ll be back tomorrow to see if they have any cheep pipe tobacco left to smoke during my upcoming camping/hunting trip. So if you are looking for a cheep knock-around pipe, check out CVS quickly.

Missouri Meerschaum


A few years ago, I bought a Xikar Xi3 Titanium Nitrade cutter that I absolutely loved. The price was a bit landish, but other than that, I had no complaints with it. I took it camping with me last year and somehow, it never made it back home. I searched all my gear bags for it with no luck. Since then I have been using cheap $5 plastic cutters that worked ok for about two or so months before they got dull. I kept two at the house and one in the truck. Some how, I misplaced all three over the course of the past week. I was heading to a buddy’s to smoke with him when I realized this and didn’t have time to search for any of them. I stopped at a B&M on the way, grabbed a smoke and a cheap cutter. The cutter was cheaper than I would have liked, but that’s all they had at the time. The darn thing didn’t even cut through a 48ring cigar before it gave up on me!! Morale of the story: stick with what you know will work and don’t buy uber-cheep cutters!


Cigar Views

Black Label Trading Company Morphine

Black Label Trading Company Morphine: Back in late 1999 was the last time I can remember me ever being on any Morphine. The name of this cigar has a lot of attributes that it needs to live up to. I was expecting a jaw dropping, amazing, kick in the pants smoke. Although it was tasty, it was nothing that wowed me very much for the $11 price tag on it. Had flavors of a dark cocoa and mixed woodsy notes all that were a med-full strength. After halfway, a black pepper note arose, but never got too out of control. The draw was on the tighter side of things as I find that common with many lanceros. With about 3/4 through the cigar, a large void appeared and immensely affected the burn and drawn some. Not a bad smoke, but for the $11, there are better lanceros (many are cheaper priced).    


Illusione Rothchildes

Illusione Rothchildes: This cigar had very high accolades when it first came out. Illusione doesn’t produce many new blends, but when they do, they usually have a high following for them. One of the main things that draws people to the Rothchildes, is the $5 price tag. Yes, there are a lot of $5 cigars out on the market these days, but how many are good? The first time I tried this cigar, I wasn’t impressed much if any. This time there wasn’t much change in my eyes. The flavors were pretty much the same, but still not to my likings. There was flavors of a somewhat smooth and rounded black pepper with a malted cocoa. The whole flavor profile had an essence of a chalkiness. I think the chalkiness is what turns me away from the cigar. If that chalky aspect was absent from the smoke, I would most likely like the cigar a bit more.


Crux Nimfamaniac Dark

Crux Nimfamaniac Dark: When I saw the news of the Crux cigars, I figured I would not get many chances to try their interestingly named cigars. Well, low and behold one of my favorite shops carries them and I am so glad they do. The Nimfamaniac Dark is one of, if not my favorite boutique lancero cigars. Its up there right next to the Viaje Platino Lancero. This is one of those cigars that I got to sit back and really enjoy and not pay attention to anything else. Great smoke that’s well worth the $7.


La Aurora 1495 Robusto

La Aurora 1495 Robusto: This has become one of my go-to smokes as they aren’t too powerful, have good flavors and can be got at a reasonable price. I got a 10pk from Holts for $22.50 with free shipping. For $2.25, you can’t go wrong with this cigar. Pairs well with coffee in the morning or a lighter bourbon in the evening. Has nice smooth woody notes with a tad bit of a black pepper note here and there that’s a lesser strength than the woody notes.


Jose Blanco Senorial

Senorial by Jose Blanco No5: This corona gorda has been out for a few months now and made a bit scene on the social media when it hit the shelves. It was released right before IPCPR, but many of the cigars released at IPCPR have hit the shelves now and have taken the spotlight off this great cigar. Currently, this is on my top 10 Dominican cigars on the shelves today. There is a nice woodiness that has bits & pieces of black pepper, salt and cocoa mixed in it. The body of the smoke is slightly more than medium and that is a key feature that I like. The construction was superb, even after i botched the cut with a el-cheapo cutter; the head never unraveled.


Espinosa Habano Toro

Espinosa Habano Toro: It has been a month or so since I have had one of these, the availability of Espinosa cigars in my area is pretty sparse. So I don’t smoke them as much as I would like to. It started with notes of roasted nuts and a hint of salted peanuts all from a nice, but slightly thickish draw. A little ways in, I got hints of a earthy coffee note that showed up periodically in the smoke. Not a jaw-dropping cigar, but an overall good smoke that is a good value for the money.


Cigar News

“Smoked Up” No.82

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