The Cigar Clip

Have you ever had a cigar that was so good you smoked to the nub and literally burnt your fingers? Well today the idea of “burnt digits” is over with The Cigar Clip!

I have seen many new and unique cigar accessories come out over the last few years. From notebooks to write down your cigar thoughts, new types of cutter designs, cigar holders etc… Some of these ideas are good ideas and some are either too bulky, too hard to use etc… and quickly fade into the sunset. I recently saw on Twitter a new cigar accessory called “The Cigar Clip”. Just looking at the pictures on their website really had me intriqued about the product. I followed them on twitter and was contacted by them in regards to a review and thoughts of their new product. I received it in the mail and gave it about a week’s worth of testing. Not so much testing, but more of “What can I do with this thing??”

But, before I get to the things I did with it, I’ll give you a overlook of The Cigar Clip. The clip comes in a plastic package that’s easy to display in cigar shops and doesn’t take up a whole lot of shelf space. Inside the package is the clip with a handy sheath with The Cigar Clip’s logo embossed into it. Now, that right there is a plus to me. There are companies that if you buy one of their accessories, you have to go online and register it in order to get the sheath. That usually takes two or so weeks to get, so getting the sheath right off the bat is a plus! Another plus is the clip itself is not very big in size and the clip & sheath fits easily in my pocket or travel humidor. Perfect for carrying to a herf or a B&M.






Inside the sheath is the clip (obviously). Looking at the clip, it reminds me of a figure eight or bowling pin shape. The larger part has a coating over the metal for ease of holding the clip. If I was to guess I would say its either a rubberized or vinyl coating on it. Then, the smaller part is where the cigar gets clipped. It doesn’t have the coating over it, which is fine by me. There is usually a bit of heat coming off a cigar “nub” so I would assume the heat could melt the coating and ruin your cigar.




You can you the clip on small ring gauged cigars (I used it on a 40rg Illusione HL Maduro) up to who knows how big (I used it on a 54rg Alec Bradley Maxx Culture). The clip easily spreads wider for larger ring gauged cigars and smaller for small ring gauged cigars. Its not too easily opened where you would think it would get slack in it over time and loose hold. There is some good resistance in the metal.




I have used every thing from toothpicks to corncob holders to other “nubbers”, but they all had one flaw. They all had some sort of piercing apparatus that was used to hold the cigar. Sometimes I would pierce the cigar too far and had it poking out the other side. Or the prongs would damage the delicate wrapper, hence causing construction/burn issues at the nub. Those issues are solved with The Cigar Clip. It doesn’t pierce the cigar, more or less cradles it. Also some of the commercially produced “nubbers” are typically large and somewhat bulky. That and most of the other “nubbers” did nothing else; you had to hold it.


The Cigar Clip was also a holder in many aspects


Hanging from a fence while working in the garden

Hanging from a fence while working in the garden.


Hamging from a tree while cutting grass

Hanging from a tree while cutting grass.


No Ashtray or cigar rest? Problem solved!

No Ashtray or cigar rest?
Problem solved!


Another way to hold your cigar.

Another way to rest your cigar.


Even worked on a Box Pressed cigar

Even worked on a Box Pressed cigar


The advantages I found were:


The drawbacks I found with it were:




So, The Cigar Clip is not just your ordinary “cigar nubber”. Its a nubber, and holder in one complete, yet small package. I highly recommend anyone who likes to smoke a cigar to the nub, or anyone needing a cigar holder in odd situations to check this out!

The Cigar Clip retails for $10 and can be purchased here. Or, ask your local B&M to carry them.


The Cigar Clip was provided to me, unsolicited, from The Cigar Clip company, for this review. Many thanks to them for the opportunity to review this product.

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