Nomad S-307 Toro

I live in the deepest south of Mississippi that you can get and I have yet to come across a Nomad cigar in a local shop. They seem to be more seen in the northern US via various forms of social media. Seeing all the buzz about Nomad, they have been on my want list for some time. With Emilio Cigars now distributing the Nomad lines, hopefully I will be seeing them more and more as the number of shops that carry Emilio Cigars grows in may area.

Fred Rewey is the mastermind behind the Nomad company. If you follow him on Facebook or Twitter you already know he seems to be a pretty down to earth guy and always has something to say to make you wonder or laugh. Nomad cigars has been around for a small portion of time and has quite a few cigar blends out. There are two blends out from both Nicaragua and The Dominican Republic. The first lines had much fanfare as well as the S-307. Hailing from Nicaragua with a Sumatra wrapper, this makes me want this cigar more and more as I do my research on it.

Nomad S-307 Toro 1

Cigar Stats

Size: 6×50

Vitola: Toro

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Ecuadorian Habano

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Factory: Tobacalera AJ Fernandez

MSRP: $7.95

Sizes Available

Toro (6×50) msrp $7.95
Robusto (5×50) msrp $7.75
Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52) msrp $7.95
Toro Grande (6 x 58) msrp $8.50
Corona (5.5 x 46) msrp $7.75

Nomad S-307 Toro 2

First Looks

The S-307 is a box pressed cigar that has a light feel to it a well as a “hollow” sound to it. Now, I know sound is something you don’t usually read about in a cigar review. But I usually give the cigar a “bounce”  in my hand to see the heft to it as well as a slight tap on it to physically hear how densely or not that its packed.
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Drew Estate Announces Undercrown “Dogma” Commemorative Cigar & “5 Days of ‘Dogma’” Giveaway

Miami, FL, March 24, 2014:  Drew Estate announced today their plans to release a new size within their Undercrown cigar line. The size will be called Undercrown “Dogma”, and has been created to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the online community Cigar Dojo. The blend of “Dogma” is based on the Undercrown Corona ¡Viva! and is comprised of Mexican San Andreas wrapper, Connecticut Stalk-Cut Habano binder, and Nicaraguan & Brazilian Mata Fina fillers. The “Dogma” will come in a 6 x 56 box-pressed vitola.


When asked about the “Dogma” project, Jonathan Drew said, “we have been major supporters of Cigar Dojo from the beginning. A handful of Drew Estate employees, myself included, are Dojo members, and we have always been floored by the support Drew Estate has received on the app and website. When Eric (owner of Cigar Dojo) approached us about coming up with this special commemorative cigar, it was a no-brainer. My dad, “Baitfish” Gary, came up with the name ‘Dogma’.”   
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Blessed Leaf Announces Kairos

March 13, 2014


Kyle Hoover and Chris Kelly, the leaders of, a Christian cigar-based ministry, announce the release of the long anticipated Blessed Leaf Kairos.

“This is a project that has been in our hearts for over a year. Our vision was to produce a great cigar with vintage tobaccos and have the proceeds go to ministry and missions efforts.” noted Kyle Hoover.

“For this project, we went back to our roots: Nicaraguan tobacco! This is a Nicaraguan puro in the Ezra Zion genre of blending. Since we are doing this for The Lord, it had to be the best work we could possibly do!” added Chris Kelly.

The Blessed Leaf Kairos is a 52 x 6.25 box press. The wrapper is Corojo 99 Rosado. The filler includes ligeros from Esteli and Jalapa. Total production is 4000 cigars of 100 boxes and 5 packs.

The Blessed Leaf Kairos is produced at the Casa Fernandez factory in Miami, Florida.! ! “We chose the name Kairos because of it’s unique meaning to this project. Kairos is defined as a specific moment in time when the Divine intervenes directly into your life. To us, there is a duel application. Obviously, as a person smokes the cigar they will have a “heavenly” smoking experience. Secondly, that the support raised for Christian missions will impact people’s lives with the gospel of Christ.” added Hoover.

The Blessed Leaf Kairos will be available for pre-order on and The official launch herf will be on April 2 on

Miami Cigar to Serve as Exclusive US Distributor of Viva Republica

MIAMI – March 19, 2014


Viva República, Inc. and Miami Cigar Co. are pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement effective April 1st 2014. Miami Cigar will sell and distribute all Viva República lines in the United States.

In addition to the brand joining Miami Cigar’s premium product offerings, the brand creator, Jason Holly, is joining the Miami Cigar team. He will concentrate on developing existing brands and work on creating new projects, while visiting accounts nationally for events and sales support. When questioned about the acquisition Jason Wood, VP of Miami Cigar, had this to say, “We plan to increase our emphasis on traditional channels,” he said, “It is time for the cigar industry to see the new Miami Cigar, the addition of (Jason) Holly is exactly what we needed to get a jump start to our 25th Anniversary campaign.”


Founded by Nestor and Mariana Miranda in 1989 the Company is celebrating its 25th year in business. “We are proud to be adding a growing new brand in the same year we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary,” said Miranda, “Even after two-plus decades and millions upon millions of cigars, we’re not ready to slow down.”

“I was thoroughly impressed with the Miranda’s and Jason Wood,” said Holly, who attended Harvard University, “We share similar values, key relationships and both see enhanced growth potential resulting from our complementary skills and resources.”

“I am proud to have Viva República in the Miami Cigar family of lines we distribute.” said Wood. “In adding Holly we bring on another valuable team member, who has seen the industry from the traditional retailer’s eye. He is highly creative and can add to our strategy immensely.” When asked about future Viva República releases Holly said he would continue to rely solely on León’s factory. “It’s home. The factory is modern and well run, boasts a fantastic tobacco inventory and is owned by a great friend,” Holly said.

With the pending release of the Nestor Miranda Collection, the addition of Viva República and plans to enhance its sales mechanisms, Miami Cigar could be in for one of its most exciting years since its founding. “We have spent some serious time evaluating our practices and look forward to implementing positive changes that will enhance our brand identity,” said Wood.

About Miami Cigar Co

Miami Cigar Co is proudly celebrating its 25th Year in Business as a distributer of premium cigars. Founded by Nestor and Mariana Miranda the company is currently run by Vice President Jason Wood. In addition to the Nestor Miranda brands the company also boasts the Tatiana, Don Lino and Casa Miranda brands. MCC also serves as the exclusive United States distributor for La Aurora, S.A.


About Viva República

Viva República was founded in 2012 by former brick and mortar retailer Jason Holly. Holly partnered with Guillermo León and his La Aurora factory as the exclusive manufacturer of the company’s Viva República brand. In addition to winning an award in the “Best in Show” category at the IPCPR in 2013, the brands sales have steadily increased. Current releases include Rapture, Rapture Maduro and Guerrilla Warfare, with new additions shipping shortly.


Barry Stein

Social Media Director Miami Cigar & Company

Twitter: @MCCBarry

“Smoked Up” No.62

Like I said a few times before, with the crazy weather here, its amazing I haven’t gotten sick yet. It finally happened and for the last few weeks a cold has been floating around in my area. I caught it and have been fighting it for over a week now with various types of medications. I have finally found one that seems to help the most and that’s the CVS version of Mucinex. Its costly compared to other cold meds on the shelf, but it works. Its not for everyone as my girlfriend breaks out in hives from it! With that being said, I only had 2 cigars this week as I wasn’t trying to irritate the situation any more than I should. Hopefully I’ll be better by the end of the week and get a few more cigars in as well as a review.

I got summonsed to jury duty selection on Monday and went to it after work. I was in there for about 6 hours until the Judge and Lawyers didn’t like what they heard in one of my responses from a lawyer’s questions. I told him my 100% heartfelt feelings and basically said that their “expert” defense witness was wrong in the preview of his testimony they gave to us. Needless to say, I was dismissed by the Judge and was thanked for my time.


Cigar Views

Viaje Summerfest Torpedo 2009

Viaje Summerfest Torpedo (original 2009 release): If I am not mistaken, the Summerfest was released in 2009 and I grabbed up a bit of these as I really liked it. They were a little costly as most Viaje LEs are, but was a pretty good smoke. This was before most Viaje LEs had to sit a bit before they hit their prime. This one has about 4 years rest on it and it shows. The flavors are way more mellow and smoother than from what my memory reminds me of when I first had it. The draw was great, burn was iffy and flavors were pretty good. I have a few more I am going to smoke when I get over this cold so I can get a better judgment of it. The huge shaggy foot is cool to lookat, but a pain to light and draw with it. I eventually cut it off and relit it.


 EPC INCH 62 Short Run

EPC INCH 62 Short Run 2014: I like the other Short Run versions that EPC has released as well as the INCH line in the maduro wrapper. Although, I did not care too much for the Natural INCH. The size is still not my favorite and the Short Run blend of the INCH is not something I will be grabbing again anytime soon. I got some cold bitter coffee notes with fresh ground black pepper tossed into it. Actually, I didn’t care for this cigar at all. I smoked about an inch or so into it and pitched it. I talked to a good friend Roger, who works at the B&M I got it from and he said he didn’t care too much for it either. I don’t say pass it up all together, just try it.   
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Fratello Cigars Announces New Vitola

Fratello Logo



Springfield, VA (March 17, 2014) Omar de Frias is proud to announce a new addition to the Fratello line of cigars.  The new vitola will be a 6 ¼ x 52 Box Pressed Torpedo.  “We are very excited about this new vitola, it has a punch of flavor thanks to its ring style and slightly modified blend but staying true to the Fratello flavor,” said de Frias.

The Fratello Box Pressed will debut in a 20-count box.  Prices have not been set yet but it will be in the range of the current line.  Please visit for a description on the cigars.

The new vitola will have a soft launch at a Fratello Authorized retailer prior to this years IPCPR and readily available shortly after.  “Fratello Cigar Company has grown exponentially since the IPCPR show and this new line will add to our calculated expansion in America’s humidors,” said de Frias.  Fratello is currently being sold in 25 states.  For the complete list of all our retailers please visit


Fratello Logo2





(Miami, FL) March 18, 2014Can I Have your Attention (CIHYA) Advertising and Branding announces the creation of “Cigar Package Design.” Cigar Package Design is making waves in the cigar industry with their branding and design campaigns.


Based in Miami Beach, FL, managing partners Humberto Areas and Cleveland Cook created the Cigar Package Design division in response to demand due to their stellar work with the Toraño Family Cigar Company, Dona Flor Cigars, Azan Cigars, and Titan de Bronze Cigar Company. They noticed a void in the industry and have filled the need. As a cigar advertising and design firm, Cigar Package Design spotlights brands from identity and cigar band graphics to complete advertising campaigns.


Cigar Package Design is the brainchild of CIHYA’s managing member Humberto Areas.  Humberto, born in Nicaragua got his feet wet in the cigar industry when Willy Herrera’s Titan de Bronze needed the company’s identity revamped. Humberto––a longtime cigar smoker with 10+ years in branding and design––was overjoyed to combine his business experience with his passion for cigars.


Humberto Areas and business partner Cleveland Cook (who possesses a stellar background as an Art Director) began work overhauling the Toraño Family Cigar Company’s corporate identity in 2010 when Toraño took back sales and distribution from CAO. After the new identity was complete, they were soon retained and have created cigar bands, box designs, and promotional pieces for Toraño’s Vault series, Loyal, Salutem, and Exodus Finite.  Most recently, the newly created print ad campaign for Toraño’s “Blends from the Vault” series can now be seen in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Snob and other leading industry publications.  
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Partagas 1845 Introduces Two New Collections The Sequel That’s Second to None

Richmond, VA General Cigar Company is proud to announce the expansion of the acclaimed Partagas® 1845 line with two unique, channel-specific collections debuting in mid-March.


Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte was created exclusively for sale at brick and mortar cigar shops, and Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro will be available only through internet and catalog retailers. Each new collection has its own distinctive blend.

Alan Willner, vice president of marketing for General Cigar explains, “These new collections enhance the taste spectrum of Partagas 1845 which is one of the best-selling blends in our portfolio. We anticipate that the appeal of these new Partagas 1845 cigars will be shared equally among those who favor the heritage and craftsmanship of classic brands, and those who seek to expand their smoking repertoires with exciting new tastes.”

Partagas1845_ExtraFuerte_Cigar - SMALL

Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte is a full-flavored cigar featuring high priming tobacco for a deep, rich smoking experience. The wrapper is a dark, lustrous Ecuadoran Habano ligero, and the binder is Habano Connecticut binder. The blend is bold, with Dominican Piloto Cubano, peppered with Nicaraguan tobacco from three growing areas: Gurdian, Esteli and ASP. With its eye-catching band that features a silver and black color scheme, Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte will be easy to find at retail.

Partagas1845_ExtraFuerte_OpenBox - SMALL

Extra Fuerte will debut with these four frontmarks, each protected in boxes containing 20 cigars: Robusto Gordo (5.5″ x 52), SRP per cigar $7.49; Gigante (6″ x 60), SRP per cigar $7.99; and Double Corona (7.5″ x 54), SPR per cigar $8.19 and Supremo (7″ x 58), SRP per cigar $8.49.

Partagas1845_ExtraOscuro_Cigar - SMALL

Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro is a robust smoke with a unique flavor unto its own. Extra Oscuro’s blend begins with an oily Connecticut Havano Oscuro wrapper. The binder is a proprietary Dominican leaf and the blend features a selection of the most full-flavored tobaccos that the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua have to offer. A silver band with royal purple accents differentiates the Extra Oscuro line.  
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“Smoked Up” No.61

The past week has been a quite an interesting one to say the least. Last week at work, we finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as to being caught up. Then on Saturday, one of my good friends called me up needing my help. I won’t go into too many details, but he owns a small farm and I now have a vast amount of pork in my freezer. Saying that, I missed a cigar event I was planning on going to. I was looking forward to it, but my buddy has helped me out numerous times in the past and I didn’t mind returning the favor. Sunday, I drank coffee, worked in the garden, played with my daughter outside, smoked a few cigars and enjoyed the mid 60 degree weather. The first part of this week was a doozy, a head cold hit me pretty hard and I am still feeling it today.

I got a review out of the Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Sidewinder #2 on friday. It was an interesting shaped cigar with some nice flavors that I enjoyed. Take a look at the review and give me some thoughts or feedback on it.



Cigar Views

 Felipe Gregorio Defiant

Felipe Gregorio Defiant Habana Robusto: This is my second Felipe Gregorio I have ever had and the first one in probably four or so years. I don’t see them at all in my area and with some research, I realized, they make a good amount of various cigars! Had a good, but slightly thick draw, key notes of charred wood, slight black pepper & an even lesser sweet tone to it. Medium to full flavor strength with a fullish body to it. A local shop got in a box of each of the three wrappers in this line and I am looking forward to trying the other two out. This was a pretty good smoke that somewhat surprised me.   
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For more information contact:

Anthony Jiménez, Creative Director (305) 558-3001


This week we have begun shipping to retailers the La Zona Connecticut and Habano cigars in 20 count boxes. The La Zona cigars were first introduced at the IPCPR tradeshow in 2012. They were originally only available in 80 count crates and 20 count bundles for replenishment. This new packaging is in response to request from retailers and consumers alike looking for a smaller box count option. The 80 count crates and 20 count bundles are still available.

The La Zona cigar is a value-priced cigar made to honor and introduce our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.
With a medium bodied flavor profile, these cigars consist of Nicaraguan filler and binders and comes in both a Connecticut shade wrapper or a Habano wrapper grown in Nicaragua. The line currently comes in 2 vitolas, Robusto (5×52) and Super Toro (6-1/2×54). They carry a suggested retail value of $4.40 (Robusto) and $4.80 (Super Toro).

Since its inception, the La Zona cigars have received vast reviews and ratings. Most notably, Nice Tight Ash’s Cigar of the Year for 2012 (La Zona Connecticut) and Cigar Dojo’s #10 Cigar of the Year for 2012 (La Zona Habano).


Now Available in 20 ct copy