JR Cigar Announces Black Abyss

Fans of premium-quality San Andrés wrapper leaf are gonna want to check out, Black Abyss, a brand-new handrolled premium cigar crafted by José “Jochy” Blanco, the guy who grows the leaf for a bunch of Boutique Blends cigar brands, including Aging Room and Swag, both of which have collected tons of high ratings in cigar magazines (the Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto took second place in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of 2013).


Black Abyss is handmade at Tabacalera Palma in the Dominican Republic and, while it is full bodied, it’s cleverly designed for not just smokers of super-strong cigars. It’s got that big, rich, bold flavor often associated with a San Andrés wrapper and it does contain some potent ligero leaf, but along with the blend’s hearty, zesty notes of dark coffee, this cigar begins and ends with a sweetness while a smooth creaminess remains throughout, making it a great choice for medium-bodied cigar fans who want to step it up in strength.

Black Abyss’s construction is top-notch, as evidenced by its extremely even burn and draw, which are made even better by an exceptionally appealing aroma.

Jochy Blanco’s Black Abyss is made in four sizes (each featuring a somewhat sinister name: Banshee, Cerberus, Hydra, and Wraith) packed in boxes of 20 cigars. If all that’s piqued your interest, you’ll be glad to know that Black Abyss cigars are also pretty reasonably priced. Starting in July, you’ll find them exclusively at JR Cigar.

“Smoked Up” No.77

The past week has been a hot and muggy one here in South Mississippi. Every day there has been an afternoon rain shower that almost ruined my afternoon smoking plans. Although the rain didn’t last long, the 95+% humidity did. With that being said, I didn’t smoke many cigars this past week. Mainly I smoked the CAO and Flying Dog Brewery pairings. I did get another tattoo this past Friday on my arm. It was an addition to one that I had gotten done three years ago.



Cigar Views



Senorial by Jose Blanco: After Jose Blanco left Joya de Nicaragua, he went on a world tour. Seeing this, I figured he was tasting the world of tobacco and was planning a cigar blend for him or another company. That was just it, he started his own company with the “Senorial” being his first blend. This cigar was high on my radar this summer and was actually excited to see it on the shelves at my local B&M. This was a pretty tasty medium bodied smoke that I figure would be a bit more fuller. If you like a nice Dominican cigar, this is definitely a cigar to try. Had nice very smooth wood, light black pepper with an ample sweetness on the back half of the draw.

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A.J. FERNANDEZ to Introduce New Brand: New World



(Miami, Florida) July 11, 2014— A.J. Fernandez Cigars, known for producing consistently highly rated and sought after cigars is proud to unveil “New World” at the 2014 IPCPR in Las Vegas. New World will be showcased as a value brand featuring the same quality, consistency, and workmanship that is expected from A.J. Fernandez.  The New World Cigar brand is the first blend in where A.J. Fernandez and father Ismael Fernandez come together


Master blender A.J. Fernandez has created New World. A unique cigar which pays homage to the discovery of then “mystical smoking leaf” called tobacco by the Europeans when their ships landed in what is now called the New World. In November 1492, Jerez and Luis de Torres first observed natives smoking as they were searching for the Emperor of China. Not knowing they landed in what is now known as Cuba, they came across natives that made rolls of palm and mais leaves in the manner of a musket formed of paper with tobacco on the inside. One would light one side and drink the smoke out of the other.

new worlds

A.J. Fernandez said: “The New World Cigar relates to expanding one’s knowledge and questioning the status quo by discovering our personal New Worlds as we go through life. 
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1502 to Release Nicaraguan Blend

Miami, Florida, July 16, 2014

Global Premium Cigars is pleased to announce the release of its newest cigar, the 1502 Nicaragua. Global Premium Cigars is a tobacco company which is proud of its Nicaraguan heritage. The new cigar continues the company’s tradition of excellence and is the only cigar in the 1502 cigars line that is 100% pure Nicaraguan tobacco.
Nicaragua is one of only two countries in the world which can produce cigars entirely from their tobacco. The 1502 Nicaragua epitomizes this birthright, as it is made from tobacco from all four regions of Nicaragua: Esteli, Condega, Jalapa, Ometepe.
“This cigar was created for my newborn son. So that he never forgets his roots – 100% Nicaraguan,” said Enrique Sanchez, President of Global Premium Cigars.
The 1502 Nicaragua is packaged in a golden wrapper with a white band. It is a medium to medium-plus cigar that is stronger than the 1502 Line’s Emerald. The cigar will be available in the Robusto vitola, measuring 5 X 50, and in boxes of 30 cigars, box pressed. Retailers are urged to order them in time for their customers.
For more information please email info@globalpremiumcigars.com or contact via the website: globalpremiumcigars.com

D’Crossier to Release L’Forte


Heralding a new era in artisanal cigar craftsmanship, we are proud to introduce L ’Forte, the newest addition to the D ’Crossier Cigar family. One of the most exclusive premium cigars available anywhere in the world, this exclusive new line, L’Forte, will be a limited production run of only 2000 numbered boxes each year. Carefully and meticulously produced in every aspect, these handcrafted cigars are fashioned as a result of the most demanding and comprehensive sorting process that we have ever developed with leaves originating from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  Our yearly aging process is based on a rotation of 24,000 cigars, allowing us to inspect and ensure the quality of the L’Forte supply. We humbly claim to use the best and most aged Spanish cedar in the cigar world today, aging without cellophane and artificial odors to deliver your ultimate smoking pleasure.   
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(Miami, Florida) July 17, 2014— Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars, after a successful 2013 launch with the Azan Line of cigars and the recent announcement of the Roberto Duran Premium Cigar Brand is ready to introduce two additional cigar brands: Neya and the Baracoa Line.


Roberto Pelayo Duran is fully committed to providing a full line at this year’s IPCPR. The Addition of the premium Neya and the value cigar Baracoa will fill in the gap in the Roberto P. Duran line as the announcement was made last week that he will introduce a super-premium brand, Roberto P. Duran Cigar.   
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Nomad Cigar Co. Releases C-276

Nomad Cigar Co. Releases much-anticipated C-276

Estelí, Nicaragua (July 18, 2014) – Nomad Cigar Company is pleased to announce the release of the Nomad C-276 at this year’s IPCPR in Las Vegas. 

The C-276 is a full flavored complex blend featuring five different filler tobaccos (with two Ligeros). It also marks the second full production cigar that Nomad has done in Estelí at Tobacalera AJ Fernandez. The C-276 rounds out Nomad’s portfolio of offerings and joins its place on the shelf with the Dominican Classic, Nicaraguan S-307, and the released-early-in-2014 Dominican Connecticut Fuerte. The C-276 also marks Fred Rewey’s first venture into using Ometepe tobacco in a blend.

“When I was blending the C-276 I approached it in layers. I kept trying to add layers and layers of flavor but didn’t want to overpower any one tobacco in the process. At one point I was struggling to add a final component that I couldn’t quite nail down. It was suggested to me that I visit Ometepe and check out that tobacco – it was the best addition to this blend I could make – it just came together,” said Rewey.

As with the other Nicaraguan lines, Rewey creates the name of the cigar using a variety of Nicaraguan factoids.

“The “C” is for Concepción, one of two volcanoes on Ometepe Island. “276″ is the square kilometers of the island. It seemed a fitting tribute to an incredible island growing amazing tobacco.” said Rewey. 

Details on the Nomad C-276 include… 

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Factory: Tobacalera AJ Fernandez

Box Pressed. 21 Count Box.

Immediately available in Toro (6×50), Robusto (5×50), Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52), Toro Grande (6 x 58), Corona (5.5 x 46) 


Fred “Godfadr” Rewey, Nomad Cigar Company

Twitter: @Godfadr


Phone: 855-MYNOMAD (or 855-696-6623)

Viaje Teases Satori Arya, Cache & Collaboration for IPCPR

The Viaje Satori was released in 2010 and was my favorite cigar that year and still is one of my all time favorites. Every year since, there has been another release of the Satori. This year, Andre Farkas plans on releasing a new Satori. Teased on Andre’s Facebook page today was the Arya. From the looks of it, it is a new size to go along with the other sizes of Satori.

Viaje Arya

Via Andre Farkas Facebook


Also teased this year was the Viaje “Cache”.

Wrapper – San Andres Maduro
Filler/binder – Aganorsa leaf/Nicaragua…
Factory – TABSA/Nicaragua

Viaje Cache

Via Viaje Cigars Facebook


Cache makes its debut at IPCPR 2014. Its name comes from the rooms, or “caches”, in Estelí, Nicaragua, where our best leaf is allowed to age in bales. These are the rooms Andre and members of the blending team come to test the leaf before rolling begins.

This box is a tribute to the special caches of Estelí, where only the best leaf is stored. To elaborate on the idea of the aging rooms, each handmade box has a hidden cache built into the bottom, where a surprise awaits.

Size: Five Fifty Two – 5″ X 52


Also new will be the Collaboration

The first collaboration in the company’s history will be with Casa Fernandez. The Collaboration has been in the works for a few months and will make its debut at the 2014 IPCPR show. No specific word on blend, limitability or size yet.

Via Andre Farkas Facebook

Via Andre Farkas Facebook

Tre-J Cigars Announces a Blending Agreement with Jose Blanco

Hamilton, Ohio – July 9, 2014
John Johnson, President of Tre-J Cigars announced a BLENDING agreement between Jose Blanco and Company CEO, Jay Clark. “Although Jose is very busy with his own brand, I was fortunate enough to convince him to assist us in blending INVICTISTM  . Development and sampling to a multinational  taste panel is underway so as to choose a blend which best represents the unconquered spirit of INVICTISTM.  The Trademarked brand is inspired by a poem by William Ernest Henley in which  the last two lines are: “I am the Master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul.”  Jose and I thought this spirit is an eternal driving force for success in any of life’s endeavors.  We agreed that Jose would have 100% creative input on the blend.” , said Clark. 
The brand is being Hand Rolled by Tabacalera Palma (Dominican Republic) using a combination of  “Blanco” select tobaccos. The initial offering of the Blanco creation is expected to be rolled in 4 sizes.
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Espinosa to Debut Laranja Rerserva at IPCPR

Laranja Reserva logo

Hialeah Gardens, Florida (July 10, 2014) Espinosa Cigars is proud to announce that they will debut a new line at the upcoming IPCPR convention and trade show called Laranja Reserva.

Laranja Reserva

“I wanted to release something different for the show, we had started working with this orange Brazilian Laranja wrapper last year and we are very excited with the end result.  I have always liked the color orange (laranja which is the Portuguese word for orange) and the positive energy associated with that color.  It is the color of enthusiasm, creativity, determination and success, that’s what we are all about here” said Erik Espinosa.  
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