Espinosa to Debut Laranja Rerserva at IPCPR

Laranja Reserva logo

Hialeah Gardens, Florida (July 10, 2014) Espinosa Cigars is proud to announce that they will debut a new line at the upcoming IPCPR convention and trade show called Laranja Reserva.

Laranja Reserva

“I wanted to release something different for the show, we had started working with this orange Brazilian Laranja wrapper last year and we are very excited with the end result.  I have always liked the color orange (laranja which is the Portuguese word for orange) and the positive energy associated with that color.  It is the color of enthusiasm, creativity, determination and success, that’s what we are all about here” said Erik Espinosa.  
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CAO Mx2 and Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout Pairing

The CAO MX2 was a cigar I had strayed away from for a number of years. I had a bad experience with another somewhat similar triple maduro cigar (different company) and that lead me away from the MX2. Then I was gifted or received a MX2 in a sampler pack. The cigar was a lot better than the other experience I had with the other cigar and felt like a fool straying away from the MX2 as it was a pretty good smoke.

Up until last week when I did the CAO OSA Sol & Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA Pairing, I had never had a Flying Dog beer. I am way out of their distribution area. The Snake Dog IPA was a pretty decent beer for being an IPA. I am not a fan of an IPA, but the Snake Dog was not overly “hoppy” and paired quite well with the OSA Sol, which I was not originally a fan of either. Living on the MS Gulf Coast, I am very fond of and love oysters, so the Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout should be an interesting beer. It is actually brewed with oysters which is my first time of ever hearing of such a thing.

 MX2 2

Cigar Stats

Beer Stats

“Smoked Up” No.76

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. I had to work and working on holidays makes me realize how much working in retail can be a pain. I earlied out of work, went home, had a few beers and saw the town’s fireworks  show with my daughter. She had a blast as this year, she is not afraid of them as much as last year.

With the IPCPR show right around the corner, there is onslaught of news this week. New cigars, added sizes, new wrappers on old blends, new accessories; the list goes on and on and on! I was hoping to make the show this year, but my finances aren’t allowing me to among other personal & professional reasons. The trade show is expected to be in New Orleans next year. I am planning to go then, but it all depends on outcome of the same professional reasons from this year.

This week I started a series of reviews, I did a small write up on the series: CAO Cigars & Flying Dog Brewery Pairing Pack Upcoming Reviews

Tuesday I put out the first review in the series: CAO OSA Sol & Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA Pairing


Cigar Views


Leccia White

Leccia White Robusto: Until the Luchador came out a few months back, the White label was my favorite Leccia cigar. This is still an awesome smoke and shouldn’t be put to the wayside with the introduction of the Luchador. The White has a nice smooth cool smoke with nice flavors of a black pepper, some creaminess and a nice woodiness. Had a superb draw, burn and no other construction issues. The vast differences between the White and the Luchador is a great showing of what Sam Leccia can produce and look forward to many more cigars from him. Sam has not made any mention of a new cigar for IPCPR. I speculate he will have something up his sleeve for the show. Or he may just focus on the three blends he has now. But we will see in a few weeks.
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La Palina will debut the La Palina Black Label at 2014 IPCPR

 la palina black whole


(Miami, FL) July 8, 2014Toraño Family Cigar Co., respected in the cigar- making industry for nearly 100 years, proudly announces that Charlie Toraño, for the first time, will unveil a cigar under his own name: Charlie Toraño Captiva.


Charlie Toraño represents the fourth generation in the Toraño tobacco family. Working alongside his father and industry legend Carlos Toraño for 15 years, Charlie has had his hand in creating unique cigar brands under the family name as well as for countless other major distributors. Charlie, who has held the title of President of Toraño Family Cigar Company for over a decade, felt it was time to create a cigar under his own name which represents his personal tastes and pastimes.   
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Nomad Cigar Co. Adds a “Belicoso” To The Connecticu​t Fuerte Collection

small logo

Tamboril, Dominican Republic (July 8, 2014) – Nomad Cigar Company is pleased to announce the release of a Belicoso sized cigar to its popular Connecticut Fuerte collection.

The Nomad Connecticut Fuerte launched this year in March and was immediately available in four sizes…

Fred Rewey, founder of Nomad Cigar Company, added the 6.25 x 54 Belicoso after playing around with different sizes.

“I think every manufacturer sometimes has a host of other sizes for personal use or for friends that request them. Frankly, the Belicoso was just fun. It was one of those sizes in the Connecticut line that I found myself smoking a bit more often. No sense keeping them all for myself.”  
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CAO OSA Sol & Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA Pairing

This is the first of four pairing reviews I will be doing from the CAO Cigars & Flying Dog Brewery Pairing Pack Review series. I didn’t have such good luck with the OSA Sol when it first came out. I had two and they just weren’t my style and had draw issues. But I am willing to give it another try paired with a IPA beer this time. The pairing should bring out more flavors in each the beer and cigar. I have a fondness for craft beer as well, but not so much on India Pale Ales (IPA). I have found them to be too bitter to me and not my cup of tea. They remind me of the old Keystone Light beer commercials “Bitter Beer Face!” But like I said before, I am willing to give it another go.



Cigar Stats


Beer Stats

CAO Cigars & Flying Dog Brewery Pairing Pack Upcoming Reviews

CAO Cigars recently paired up with the Frederick, Maryland brewery Flying Dog to pair the CAO “Art of Craft” sampler pack with certain Flying Dog beers. The CAO “Art of Craft” cigar pack will be available alongside each corresponding beer exclusively at 36 Total Wine stores throughout Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and California beginning July 1. See full Press Release here.


Each beer has their own unique flavors and characteristics just like the cigars do. Each beer has different ingredients just like each cigar blend has its own ingredients (different types of tobacco). Typically a cigar is paired with a dark liquor or occasionally a light rum or tequila. I usually pair a cigar with a dark rum, whiskey, or bourbon in the fall and winter. Then in the spring and summer, I transition to more craft beers to pair with my cigars. This new pairing collaboration will be a good way to end the work day for me. I will try to review each pairing over the next week or two. I start working 12 hour days this week, but will try to get one or two in the week and the rest on the weekend.

One other nice thing about the “Art of Craft” cigar pack is, its a buy three get one free. Also a nice heavy metal bottle opener accompanies the cigars free of charge a well. So a free cigar and cutter is another way to peak ones attention when scanning the B&M shelves.


Pairing and Initial Thoughts


OSA Sol and Snake Dog IPA: This is going to be my least favorite pairing as I don’t care too much for an IPA beer or the OSA Sol cigar. I will be doing this one first and hopefully I can get more (flavor) from the cigar than the first few times I had it. “The zesty spice of OSA Sol meets its match with the citrus and resinous hop aromas and flavors of Snake Dog.” This description sounds promising and I hope it will alloy me to enjoy the OSA Sol and an IPA more.   
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MIAMI FL, June 25, 2014


Kuuts, LLC is slated to release its 4th brand into the US market at this year’s IPCPR Convention in Las Vegas, NV in mid-July.
The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend is a solid medium bodied cigar that is sure to please the masses. It features a Nicaraguan filler and binder with an Ecuadorian wrapper. This new release will be available in 5 vitolas for the US Market and comes in 20 count Cabinet Style Boxes.


Kuuts, LLC is the US Distribution arm for Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos located in Jacaleapa, Honduras. Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos also manufactures Placeres Reserva, Miró and Tabacalera Zapata brands of premium cigars.
Shipping of the Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend is set to commence in August 2014.
For ordering info please contact our office at 305-254-2211 or e-mail:

Tatuaje Teases Surrogates “Satin Glove”

Pete Johnson posted a picture on Facebook of what looks to be a new blend in the Surrogates line of cigars. The new cigar is named “Satin Glove”. From the looks of the photo, the cigar is of a maduro or dark habano wrapper. The same “Surrogates” second band is there with the main band saying “Satin Glove” with a Red Glove in the middle. No official word on the blend, size or when it will be released. If I was a betting man, I’d say be on the look out for it at the 2014 IPCPR show.


Surrogates Satin Glove

Picture from Pete Johnson’s Facebook Page