“Smoked Up” No.62

Like I said a few times before, with the crazy weather here, its amazing I haven’t gotten sick yet. It finally happened and for the last few weeks a cold has been floating around in my area. I caught it and have been fighting it for over a week now with various types of medications. I have finally found one that seems to help the most and that’s the CVS version of Mucinex. Its costly compared to other cold meds on the shelf, but it works. Its not for everyone as my girlfriend breaks out in hives from it! With that being said, I only had 2 cigars this week as I wasn’t trying to irritate the situation any more than I should. Hopefully I’ll be better by the end of the week and get a few more cigars in as well as a review.

I got summonsed to jury duty selection on Monday and went to it after work. I was in there for about 6 hours until the Judge and Lawyers didn’t like what they heard in one of my responses from a lawyer’s questions. I told him my 100% heartfelt feelings and basically said that their “expert” defense witness was wrong in the preview of his testimony they gave to us. Needless to say, I was dismissed by the Judge and was thanked for my time.


Cigar Views

Viaje Summerfest Torpedo 2009

Viaje Summerfest Torpedo (original 2009 release): If I am not mistaken, the Summerfest was released in 2009 and I grabbed up a bit of these as I really liked it. They were a little costly as most Viaje LEs are, but was a pretty good smoke. This was before most Viaje LEs had to sit a bit before they hit their prime. This one has about 4 years rest on it and it shows. The flavors are way more mellow and smoother than from what my memory reminds me of when I first had it. The draw was great, burn was iffy and flavors were pretty good. I have a few more I am going to smoke when I get over this cold so I can get a better judgment of it. The huge shaggy foot is cool to lookat, but a pain to light and draw with it. I eventually cut it off and relit it.


 EPC INCH 62 Short Run

EPC INCH 62 Short Run 2014: I like the other Short Run versions that EPC has released as well as the INCH line in the maduro wrapper. Although, I did not care too much for the Natural INCH. The size is still not my favorite and the Short Run blend of the INCH is not something I will be grabbing again anytime soon. I got some cold bitter coffee notes with fresh ground black pepper tossed into it. Actually, I didn’t care for this cigar at all. I smoked about an inch or so into it and pitched it. I talked to a good friend Roger, who works at the B&M I got it from and he said he didn’t care too much for it either. I don’t say pass it up all together, just try it.   


Cigar News

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